CloudXchange are a highly specialized, cloud-focused services provider with a penchant for innovation.

We are a company that uses cloud technology and technical expertise to re-imagine the way you do business.

Using Agile methodologies, we deliver solutions in weeks, not years.

We constantly communicate, operating with complete transparency and aim to exceed expectations.

Planning icon-planning

The best craftsmen know to “measure twice and cut once.” In software, effective planning includes identifying reusable components, developing unit tests up front and accounting for the other unique aspects of your application.

A cookie-cutter process can’t yield custom results, after all.

Build icon-build

We believe software development is more akin to a craft than a science or engineering discipline, and that a small number of highly skilled professionals usually outperforms a large, distributed team.

Our process proudly reflects this, folding in functional and technical quality reviews along the way.

Optimisation icon-optimization

Traditional “testing” cannot create or assure quality by itself, especially if it’s a mere blip in the schedule after coding.

By this point in the project, we focus on performance tuning, fit-and-finish work and any necessary integration testing.

Whenever possible, we also perform beta testing with actual users to anticipate market.

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