CloudXchange are a highly specialized, cloud-focused services provider with a penchant for innovation.

We are a company that uses cloud technology and technical expertise to re-imagine the way you do business.

Using Agile methodologies, we deliver solutions in weeks, not years.

We constantly communicate, operating with complete transparency and aim to exceed expectations.

Research icon-research

Early in a building construction project, an architect would visit the job site to understand the environment in which the structure will be built.

We use a similar approach to see the context in which your application will need to perform.

By examining the terrain we learn which solutions are feasible, which won’t work and which would bring real innovation.

Ideation icon-ideation

Once we understand your vision and the real-world constraints, we generate ideas and flesh them out into complete solutions.

Whenever possible, we represent concepts visually to clarify the intent and nuances.

Designs usually begin as sketches and quickly evolve into interactive prototypes.

Validation icon-validation

Before you invest in development, we validate the design with business stakeholders and representative users.

Feedback sessions with the stakeholders ensure alignment with business goals and usability.

Usability tests build confidence with users and ensure that the application will perform well in the real world.

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